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We want to change people’s mindset while educating and increasing awareness to reduce the number of disposable single use cups going into landfills and to reduce your carbon cup print.

‘Ditch Your Carbon Cup Print’ is an environmental project. The main aim of the project is to reduce deforestation, water waste, landfill and CO2 emissions by reducing disposable cup use locally and nationally, encouraging people to bring their own reusable cup and ditch the disposable paper cup when getting a take out beverage in garages and coffee outlets throughout the country. To kick-­start the idea, the students organised a ‘Ditch Your Carbon Cup Print’ (DYCCP) week in Charleville, May 15th ­‐19th. This week proved very successful with a noted increase in the number of people bringing their own reusable cup for a take-­out beverage. A number of outlets are continuing the initiative! To ensure the success of the designated DYCCP week the students sought the help, support and advise of the Charleville Chamber of Commerce. Mr. P.J. McCarthy and Mr. Sean Fitzgibbon from the Chamber offered invaluable advice and encouragement to the students. The Chamber mentored the students in this Endeavour and lent its support to the project. The students described their meetings with the Chamber as, “educational, insightful, a good learning curve and reported that their confidence in the work of the project had grown.”

The students conducted a survey in the town and online, leading up to the designated ‘DYCCP’ week. The surveys addressed people’s attitude to: the environment, CO2 emissions, the use of the disposable paper cup versus the use of a reusable cup and the environmental cost to the planet. Based on the results of the 900 plus surveys, we believe that time is right for this initiative as the Irish Government struggles to reach their C02 Carbon emission targets. When asked, ‘would helping the environment be a good enough reason for you to bring your own cup’? 77 % respondents online and 66.1% respondents in the town said “YES”

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Awarded: Young Social Innovator 2017 of ‘Make Our World Greener’ Challenge

Young Social Innovators (YSI) is Ireland’s largest social awareness and active citizenship and education programme for 15 to 18 year-­‐old teenagers. It’s main goal is to get young people (15-­‐18yrs) involved in action which helps improve the lives of others in their community. Over 7000 students took part in the Young Social Innovators 2017.

(L-­‐R: Thomas Foley; Brian Clifford; Eamonn O’Sullivan; Paul Drinan; Jack Twomey; Luke Moore; Conor Buckley.)

Eco Unesco

‘Ditch Your Carbon Cup Print’ was awarded Eco Unesco’s Most Innovative Project 2017.

The ECO-­UNESCO Young environmentalist Awards is Ireland’s biggest all-­island celebration of youth ECO-­Action. Since 1999, the ECO-­UNESCO’s Environmentalist Awards has recognised and rewarded the environmental actions of thousands of young people who are working to protect, conserve and enhance our environment through local environmental action projects, making a difference to their lives and the lives of others locally and globally. This year, over 4,000 students participated nationwide, over 285 projects were submitted. ‘Ditch Your Carbon Cup Print’ was one of the 80 projects selected for the Eco Unesco final awards showcase in the Mansion House, Dublin on May 23rd.



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